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Each architectural design is a journey with the client. The result is personal, original, and satisfying.

Our goal is to offer creative problem solving through careful analysis of needs. This means identifying the program goals, setting the direction, infusing creativity, and having some fun with the process along the way.

We call this method conscious design. It’s a process of give and take, understanding problems, and questioning each decision. Looking at it as a series of steps:
.... 1. Obtain clarity on the need, problem or goal. This is the program, budget and the client’s vision.
.... 2. Research parameters. These are the rules of the game like zoning, building heights, setbacks, easements, and
.... 2. subdivision guidelines.
.... 3. Find solutions that are sympathetic to the site and the natural and social environment. By social environment, we
.... 2. mean aesthetically pleasing to both the client and the community.

Continued questioning accomplishes personal and original architecture by avoiding assumptions and repetitious solutions. Questioning also allows for creative evolution of a design through an increased awareness of the project’s environment. This increased awareness of environmental concerns has led to an awareness, appreciation and respect for energy conservation, through the use of greener, more sustainable designs.

Questioning has also resulted in the incorporation of many of the principles identified in the “Not-So-Big” house design movement. Regardless of the footprint of the home, clients enjoy spaces with a scale that makes them feel more comfortable.

Design is a journey through concepts resulting in collaboration. Together ideas become architecture.

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